Make Up

Make up is not just a drawing but also a modeling, correction of the form and color of the face. By applying decorative products we aim to highlight the attractive features. The most important is to professionally use of the equipment and make up. The best make up must be gentle highlighting the subtlety of the professionalism; it must be natural and almost invisible. When applied correctly and timely removed it does not violate the usual processes in the skin.

At daytime it serves as a thin protective layer that effectively protects the skin from harmful environmental factors. In decorative make up produced by modern cosmetic industry there is a large quantity of skin benefiting ingredients.


Makeup depends on the season, time of day (morning, afternoon, evening), and most importantly – for which occasion it is made. It requires full harmony with the appearance of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and nail polish. Often made daily (daily) and evening (gala) makeup. Makeup is associated with trendy art scene - they define color, shape of the eyebrows, lips, eyes. Today makeup submits three directions in fashion: classic, romantic and avant-garde. Quieter tones and hues characterize classical and romantic make-up, contrast, pretentiousness and provocative range of colors perform the avant-garde style.


According to colors the make up is divided into "warm" (predominance of yellow, green, brown and beige shades) and "cold" (pink, gray, blue and purple shades). Key is mainly determined by the face shape, hair color and skin.


Qualified makeup artist Lena will help you to choose the make-up that will suit you at all parameters. In addition she would be able to teach you master class at personal training lessons.

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