Curls are a natural choice for spicing up an evening hairstyle and perking up an everyday 'do. Celebrities are showing up with glamour curls on the red carpet and windswept swirls at the beach. From full waves of tight coils to soft waves, there's a curly hairstyle out there for you.

Price from: € 25


Hair Up: 

Whatever the occasion, we've found the perfect up-do hairstyle for you. Updos are the ultimate glamazon hairstyle.When it comes to a formal event, special occasion or just when you are tired of wearing your hair loose, nothing beats an up hairstyle for elegance and style.

Price from: € 40


Hair Cuts (wash,blowdry,cut & finish)

Hair Cut 'BOB' : 

The bob cut is one of the most popular hairstyle these days, and there are so many styles for you to choose from, no matter you wear short hair or shoulder length hair, if you want, always you can find a suitable bob hairstyle for you.

Price from: € 30


Hair Cut for Long Hair: 

Long hair at one length is drab and boring. Keep your length but spice it up with perfectly placed volume and layers. Swooping side bangs add drama while chin grazing layers frame the face beautifully. Chiselled layers around the neck and shoulders also help to add shape and softness.

Price : € 35


Short Hair Cut: 

A short haircut does not imply one specific cut, because the lengths of different short haircuts vary. To make it simpler one can divide the lengths into three different categories, namely: super short, jaw length and chin length fashions.Short hair styles look beautiful and trendy and are easy to carry. Girls like to carry short haircuts with unique and trendy hairstyles. This year curly, wavy, straight and messy all kinds of hairstyles are in trend with short haircuts.

Price : € 25   



Highlights are a spice of your hair. Even the simplest haircut looks exquisite with the right chosen and done highlights. They will bring out your eye color and skin tone, add body to your hair and look stunning whether you wear your hair lose or style it in sophisticated dos.

Whether you have straight, curl or frizzy hair, highlights and lowlights can work for you. If you have curly hair, it will help create depth. For straight hair, it gives the illusion of volume. Blonde highlights and lowlights are always in style or go dark because chocolaty tones are trending now. 


We use award-winning Keune products for all of our colour services.

Price From: € 40 



Full Hair Color: 

We use award-winning Keune products for all of our colour services. KEUNE TINTA COLOR: INFINITE COLORS At Keune, devoted to the creation of beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. Keune Tinta Color offers you a full range of luminous colors, from natural tones to beautiful fashion shades. Formulated using superior ingredients, Keune Tinta Color inspires endless creativity. Seven reasons to start using Tinta Color now: Perfect coverage, Superb condition, Silky shine, Long lasting result, Easy to mix, Does not stain the scalp, More than 100 intermixable shades. Keune Haircosmetics is an independent family owned Dutch producer of hair care products for the professional hairstyling .It prevents porosity, giving the hair longer lasting color and shine.

Price From: € 45 


Keune Semi Color: 

Create Soft, Natural Tones with Remarkable Shine. Ammonia free tone on tone hair colour. With over 50 shades, Semi Color is for ultimate versatility for those who prefer a milder semi colour treatment. Perfect for a first time colour service or dual colouring.

Price From: € 35​


Balyage & Ombre


If you’re looking to brighten up your look with some highlights, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the increasingly popular balayage highlight technique.

Balayage is a free-hand colour technique that creates a graduated colour effect. Highlights are handpainted in to the midlengths to ends of the hair, so that the colour lightens gradually towards the ends of the hair. Balayage varies from a gentle ‘sun-kissed’ look or a more dramatic dip dye look. Balayage has been around for a long while now and the trend is hanging on as it’s a unique way of colouring that gives individual results. It’s low maintenance hair – regrowth is barely noticeable so you don’t need to run to the hairdresser every six weeks.

It’s a fun way to experiment with colour. It can also be a subtle way to change your hair colour from dark to light gradually. Balayage looks gorgeous in curled hairstyles and upstyles as it really emphasises the colour.


Ombre’s tend to be more dramatic than Balayage, but are still just as lovely. An Ombre is two-toned, gradual lightening of the hair strand, usually fading from darker to lighter, from the roots to ends. It can also be done as a reverse ombre, fading into darker at the ends. Some call this a “dip-dye.” While this is very similar to Balayage, the main difference is that Ombre is not free-handed, and it is usually a block of color or lightener at the ends.

Price From: € 55​

Bio Brazilian Keratin Treatment
     (tree months blow dry)

Suitable for:

 Dark coloured hair and wavy hair.
 Very thick and afro-caribbean hair.
 Can be done on pregnant women and children.


What is it?

 Smoothing treatment, capable to reduce frizz and volume whilst  treating the hair.

 Innovative bio formulation
 Suitable for afro caribbean hair
 Meets the  UK and EU cosmetic Regulation
 Same day wash formula
 Can be done on pregnant women and children


What to expect?

 Frizz free hair
 Volume reduction and/or straight hair (which will depend on the procedure done)
 Healthy, shiny and smooth hair

Price from 90 Euro

Botox for Hair or Anti-age Hair Restoring System - New!!!

What if there was a way to restore the hair's youthful appearance and prevent damage from daily wear and tear it suffers?
Our new Luxury Anti-Age Hair Restoring System Noir Caviar Hair - IS A NEW EXCLUSIVE IN SALON RECONSTRUCTION TREATMENT. 
It's nutrient rich C3 Trifecta includes … Luxurious Black Caviar extract from the Caspian Sea is full of nutrients and minerals. Vitamins D, A, E & B12 provide antioxidant protection, whilst a high mineral content of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium help to strengthen the hair fibre. Proteins, lipids and essential fatty acids hydrate and restructure the hair. Collagen helps to strengthen the hair above and below the scalp, adding lustre, volume and bounce to the hair, making it full of vitality. Ceramides create a protective barrier around the hair to hold in moisture, whilst protecting the hair from chemical damage, heat damage and UVA rays.
Price from: € 30

Hair Extensions

SUNRISE BEAUTY BAY  is pleased to introduce a new hair service!

Add extra volume and/or length to your hair with 100% human hair extensions.

Bonds are undetectable, long lasting and do not damage your own hair.

Price: from € 300

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