Cold Lipo Laser

Cold Lipo Laser is a revolutionary medical device for spot laser fat reduction and the treatment of cellulite on men and women. Lipo Laser system is a safe, painless, non-invasive and fast treatment for body contouring.


Cold Lipo Laserhas been shown to reduce fat in selected problem areas, including the neck, arms, hips, stomach and more. Unlike surgery, which requires a lengthy recovery period, cold laser treatment requires no recovery time whatsoever. Patients may resume their normal lifestyle quickly as each treatment ends, making this alternative all the more attractive to those with active lifestyles. As an additional positive, patients do not have to worry about any scarring that may occur during the process.

Combined with proper diet and exercise, treated patients are seeing further positive results (1-5 sm loose after each treatment)It's not so much weight loss, but inches lost. While the waist and hip size goes down, so does their trouser size.


The Lipo Laser works by focussing the low light laser into the fat cells where the fat is released through the cellular wall and is then liquefied into intercellular area. The liquefied fat is then drained out through natural Lymph drainage.


Treatments are continue 80 minutes and cause no discomfort, pain, swelling or bruising. The treatment is absolutely painless, even relaxable and enjoyable. You can feel only warm but no pain.


Our standard programs consist of two weekly, 80 minute treatments for 4 to 8 weeks. Our treatments are for both men and women that wish to look their best and do not wish to endure the costs and risks of cosmetic surgery.

 Laser Lipo works just as well on men as it does on women. Men generally have the greatest success in the chin, chest, upper and lower abs, and the love handles.



The Laser should be avoided for those individuals with impaired kidney or liver function, autoimmune disorders, in the time of  period and 2-3 days after, active cancer, or those who are pregnant or nursing.


Price: single treatment 70 Euro

Package of 10 - 500 Euro


It is a BREAKTHROUGH in aesthetic field!!!
It combines with 6 technology : vacuum, radio frequency, infrared light,635 nm diode laser, dual frequency( 40,5 KHz and 28 KHz) cavitation and mechanical roller.
With the combination VS+ can solve all problems of fat and cellulite reduction, skin lifting etc. 
It is an easy, comfortable, non-invasive liposuction treatment that offers a deep therapeutic treatment with no downtime.

Abdomen- 80 Euro,
Thighs&legs 80 Euro,
Back 80 Euro,
Arms 80 Euro a session

3-10 sessions needed in 3-7 days ( depends on the problem)

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